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Marketing. Creative. Custom Development.

At Bitwise, we like to focus on what is important: relationships.  Rather than being seen as just another “vendor,” we build relationships based on trust with our clients. Because of our experience and expertise, we have had the opportunity to serve clients for over 25 years from our headquarters in Carmel, IN.
Our goal is simple: to serve as a dependable advisor to you and your company. We Specialize in MarketingCreative, and Custom Development, and are your trusted Carmel web design and custom application solution specialists.

Part of the Bitwise Solution is to make our clients a champion.  A champion in their industry, a champion to their boss, and better yet a champion to THEIR clients.  This doesn’t happen on accident. This is something that we plan for and have a strategy behind. We call this the Bitwise Experience. As part of the Bitwise Experience we build trusted relationships and deliver a web solution that not only meets your expectations, but will help exceed your goals.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

When we combine the most efficient and productive web solutions with creative designs that promote your brand and your company, we are able to reach and convert leads into customers. The greater demand driven through your digital channels will result in exponentially higher profits and returns on investment. 
Creative Design

Creative Services

Websites. Hero Images. Flyers. Branding. At Bitwise we believe that great design is centered around your target audience. Our experienced creative team takes the time to gather information on your customers and clients and focuses on creating content that is functional, intuitive, and visually appealing. Boost the value of that crucial first impression!
Custom Development

Custom Development

Our team of Web & Application Developers are far more then just stereotypical “coders." In fact, they bring a host of technical competencies to the table to develop the best possible solution for your business challenges! Our team is responsive and solves problems, working with you to guide your business goals. You'll receive custom solutions to ensure that you retain a competitive edge and continue to meet the needs of your audience.

Bitwise Clients
Bitwise Testimonials
  • "I want to thank Bitwise for all of the hard work that they did on the About Special Kids website.  This has been quite a process and you gave us something better than we imagined.  I also wanted to thank you for the constant updates and website reviews.  This made us feel very comfortable through the process.   We have been getting great feedback from everyone that has been on the new site.”
  • "Working with Bitwise was such a positive experience. They listened to our needs and responded promptly and professionally. I plan on using them for other projects in the future."
  • "The Bitwise Team is very customer service/outcome oriented. I feel that they really listened to our needs, both from a creative, design standpoint as well as functionality for the end user. They are innovative, creative and quick to respond when questions arise. "
  • "Bitwise has been so helpful from step 1 through completion. They understood what our company needed and they provided us with a web page that will help customers reach out to us. They laid everything out so we were able to see the steps and the time line which made it easy to see when we would be ready to launch our page, and they were finished ahead of schedule! I look forward to working with them on our next project."
  • CKF-IN relies heavily on partnerships all over the state. Bitwise had a solid plan to interview our customers and design our site based on not only our feedback but feedback from our partners about how they use the site, and more importantly, how they would like to use it in the future. It was impressive to see how they incorporated all the feedback and provided us with a new online presence.