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When it comes to improving business processes and productivity, there are few solutions that compare with a well built, strategic and secure enterprise application. 

Making these aspirations come true requires a partner who is not only masterful at technical Web & Custom Application Development & Design but also wields savvy business acumen.
With Bitwise, there’s no need to choose between one or the other, or deal with the problems associated with subcontractors and third party project management – we’ve seen that train wreck happen many times before.

Not Your Traditional Techies

Our Web & Custom Application Development team are unlike many “coders” who just want you to tell them exactly what to do and then leave them alone to write the code.

No, our Web & Custom Application Development team are accessible and responsive problem solvers, working with you to guide the project toward your business goals and offering suggestions along the way to make your application the productivity engine you need.

The Nitty Gritty

With your goals and objectives in mind, we bring a host of technical competencies to the table to develop the best possible solution for your business challenge.  The following is a sampling of certifications and competencies we lean on to provide the most robust solutions

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