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Web Analytics

Why is digital marketing so great?  Besides the fact that you can achieve outstanding results with amazing content, tracking and measuring success and what your audience is doing is far easier than traditional marketing!

As a Goolge Certified Partner and Web Analytics Consulting Firm we use the advanced, real-time tracking solution, Google Analytics to monitor user behavior, lead generation, campaigns, and more.  The results are statistical reports that allow us to compare your customer’s interaction with your website to your actual business goals and objectives. 

Whether the goals of your website are sales, lead generation, subscriptions or simply to provide information, our web analytics experts are able to decipher the numbers and how they apply to your website architecture and content. 

All aspects of web statistics for your site are considered, including:
  • Page Views
  • Page Visits
  • Path Analysis
  • Visitor Segmentation
  • Commerce Reporting
  • Visitor Segmentation
  • Marketing Campaign Analysis
  • And more!
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