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An integral part of our Web Strategy Consulting services and the success of every project is providing you with a Functional & Technical Assessment by laying out the specific features and technical functions of the Web Application Architecture we are seeking to build.

Just as detailing the business goals and objectives is vitally important to making sure the application or website is aimed at achieving your business goals, so also it is equally important to enumerate the Functional & Technical Assessment of the engagement.  This is the only way to make certain the application works exactly the way you intended it to.

This phase is where we discover and document items such as the following examples:
  • Functional Requirements
  • Functional and Business Processes
  • Use Cases
  • Integration with External Systems and Applications
  • Application Architecture
  • Database Schema
  • Dataflows
  • User Role Definitions
  • User Interfaces
  • User Authentications
  • Administrative Functions
  • Application Mockups and Prototypes
  • Screen Wireframes
  • Test Case Scenarios
  • Project Definition and Milestones
  • Implementation Plan

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