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Developing a complex website business application for success requires a lot of upfront Application Requirements and Planning to bring the concept to reality.  

Because these kinds of complex business applications are often mission critical to your organization, having a well-documented assessment of your business' requirements for a good solution is the first step to achieving success.  Projects that begin with a detailed Website Business Requirements discovery are often better protected against risk of failure, more aligned with overall business goals, and typically less costly.

As part of our overall Web Strategy Consulting, our business analysts work with you to fully understand things including:
  • Business background and organizational goals
  • Business processes
  • Key stakeholders and user roles
  • Challenges of current web assets
  • Workflow and dataflow
  • Third party app functionality and integration
  • Return on investment estimates
  • Implementation budgets, schedules, and risk analysis
The outcome is a detailed documentation of the Application Requirements and Planning needed to ensure your business plan is leading you in a direction that will ultimately achieve your goals.  With the addition of a Functional & Technical Assessment, which fills out the requirements with the technical specifics of the desired website or application, we are able to begin the implementation of our overall Website Business Strategy.

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