Custom Development, Payment System Implementation, Quote Ordering System
Realize Inc.

The Business Challenge

Realize, Inc. was being inundated with requests for quotes for their 3D printing, or stereolithography (SLA), services. As their business grew, they “realized” they needed a custom solution to make it easy for their users to request quotes, to automate some of their manual processes involved in order management and fulfillment and to be able to review, export and report on order data in their system. The clients are not the only ones who benefited from the convenience of submitting their quote requests online and receiving instant quotes; it has also greatly freed up their sales team’s available time to provide amazing customer service to their clients.

The Bitwise Solution

Bitwise built the ability for those interested in a quote to create accounts in two simple steps; within their user account, they can create a new quote, view or re-activate their recent quote requests and access a history of their orders. For the quoting process, they can upload a 3D file (CAD or STL), and our application will display six thumbnails of six different orientations and their rotated dimensions. Users can select which of the six options suits their needs and then choose their resin, quantity, resolution and finish quality and complete their order by opting to pay by purchase order or credit card. Realize benefits greatly from the automation of the quoting process and the generation of needed paperwork for order fulfillment.