Custom Development
Cannon IV

Cannon IV wanted to automate a manual process for contract billing of printers at clients’ sites by using a framework of automated data collection tasks; they asked Bitwise to create a web-based user interface for managing the printer usage data required for contract billing. 

Cannon IV now can see a listing view of the contracts with billing date, customer, equipment counts, and any flagged issues for that printer.  There are filtering options to view information within a certain date range, by number of billing days, by customer or by sales rep.  There are detail pages for each contract with more information, such as equipment numbers and last date of service.  The application shows prior billings, current readings and expected readings for each printing device and allows administrators to override the meter count used for billing when needed.  This billing information can be exported to their eAutomate tool with built-in protections against duplicate exports to keep their data clean.