My First Months As A Social Media Marketing Intern


Abigail Dolbeer, Social Medai & Marketing Intern

Written by Abigail Dolbeer, Social Media & Marketing Intern

Growing up in one of the highest ranked school systems in the state of Indiana has taught me that nothing is attained without hard work. I have been equipped with some of the best business education that high schools can offer, including multiple marketing and entrepreneurship classes. I had specialized my studies in apparel and accessories marketing, as well as beauty and interior marketing administration. Regardless of what my four years in high school business courses had taught me, nothing could ever prepare me for the experience I have had thus far as a Social Media Marketing Intern at Bitwise Solutions.

Inbound Marketing Strategies

I was brought onto the Bitwise team in late November after a friend of mine suggested the company as a place to expand my marketing abilities. I knew that this would be a great opportunity to learn about the web design and web development industry and develop skills beyond those I had already attained. The first few weeks as an intern, included assiting in building a foundation for our social media marketing and learning (A LOT) about the Bitwise business and the services offered.

As time progressed, it became clear that this is a very complex, fast paced, and big industry. I was constantly on the hunt for new information in order to better educate myself about digital marketing and create informative and accurate content for our social networks.

As I gained my footing in this new setting, I was eager to prove myself since this was something so different from what I previously knew. At first, it was a struggle to figure out specifically what to post and how to best utilize these postings. My mentor, Digital Marketing Director, Tyler, was (and continues to be!) a great source of information and guidance whenever I became discouraged or found it difficult to find the right things to post. He, and the rest of the Bitwise team, have helped me immensely by answering my unlimited questions, keeping me on track, and giving me the tools I need to succeed as an intern.

Through writing tweets and posts for Facebook, as well as a few other posts on the blog, I have been able to learn so much about this nook of the world. I have learned the importance of identifying the right client base through customer personas. With those personas, we are able to tailor our content and information that we post directly to those looking for it.  This is the basic foundation of inbound marketing!  With inbound marketing, we are relying on earning our customer’s interests through the content that we post on social media and in our communications.  Since inbound marketing is often referred to as “permission-based” instead of “interruption-based”, it is more appealing to our audience because they are in control of what they see! 



Although it has only been a bit over two months, I have already learned so much about inbound marketing strategies, the web development industry, and how to best utilize social media for business processes. I am ready for what is to come, to learn more, and to continuing growing not only as an intern, but as a marketer.

Be sure to check the Bitwise blog weekly, where you can find more on my time as an intern as well as our tips and tricks to help your businesses and nonprofit reach their objectives.

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