Meet the Interns: The Bitwise Fellows

Abigail Dolbeer, Social Medai & Marketing Intern

Written by Abigail Dolbeer, Social Media & Marketing Intern

If you asked most CEOs to hire high school students to help with their companies’ clients, what would their reactions be? Slightly shocked? Partially horrified? Bitwise Solutions’ CEO Ron Brumbarger would say, “Bring them on.” Bitwise believes in harnessing the passion, drive, and ingenuity of high school students, which other companies often fail to see. Bitwise Fellows, a program for exceptionally-motivated students looking to gain technical and professional experience, was created to do just that.

Established in 2007, the Fellows first operated as a separate business within Bitwise Solutions, providing websites for small-enterprise and nonprofit clients. They were responsible for recruiting their own clients, designing and developing sites, and managing their own HR needs. Since its early years, the program has evolved from a separate entity into an important part of everyday tasks at Bitwise Solutions.

Now, the Bitwise Fellows is an internship program, continuing to be a platform for motivated students. The interns in the Fellows program work under mentors, participating in various projects at Bitwise Solutions. The Fellows jump in on projects with their mentors, managing website projects, assisting in research, and interacting with clients. Every day as a Fellow is different depending on the clients’ needs.

Joshua Benjamin, a junior at the Master’s Study, is a seasoned Fellow. He says his favorite thing about being a Bitwise Fellow has been how much it has helped him throughout high school. He says, “The skills and experience earned is unrivaled—when compared to a typical High-School job— will pay dividends in the years to come.”

Trevor Crupi, a senior at Westfield High School, specializes in web development under his mentors at Bitwise. Trevor says that his experience with the Fellows has taught him valuable skills that he will be able apply in a future career.

Lisa Spindler, Bitwise Project Manager, said, “I’m delighted that the Bitwise Fellows Interns serve alongside the team at Bitwise Solutions every week. It’s a growing experience for them—as they hone their skills in a professional environment—and also an important contribution to the clients they serve.” She adds, “Today, many former Fellows look back on their time in the program and recognize how much it contributed to their current success.”

The program gives high school students the priceless opportunity to engage in real-world interactions with clients while managing tasks that are part of everyday business at Bitwise. The ability to handle these important aspects of the business individually while also having the access to mentors gives Fellows an experience that no other program can match. The Bitwise Fellows are an integral part of the Bitwise team.

Are you a diligent student with skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, C#, .net, social media management, content writing, or SEO? If so, please consider applying for the Bitwise Fellows Internship Program.  Check out our job posting for this opportunity.


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