Hire a Company with Experienced Kentico Certified Developers

Scott Workman, Chief Technology Officer

Written by Scott Workman, Chief Technology Officer

If you’re looking for a new content management system for you website OR you don’t have a CMS, then you should seriously consider Kentico CMS.  Kentico CMS is a powerful integrated marketing solution with numerous features.

Know what to look for when hiring a firm to deploy your website on a content management system – here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a company with Kentico Certified Developers for your website development needs. 
  • Hiring a company with Kentico Certified Developers ensures that the company isn’t learning on your dime.  They have demonstrated experience working with Kentico and already know the ins and outs of Kentico, reducing the learning curve cost which you the client end up paying for.
  • Choose a development company with a proven track record of setting up and deploying new instance of Kentico CMS as well as upgrading old instance to newer versions.
  • Kentico Certified Developers also are keenly able to make complex customizations to Kentico (i.e. custom document types, transformations, web parts, using the Kentico API, etc.).  We have developed numerous custom web parts for Kentico and are able to customize the CMS to work exactly the way you need it to.
  • The vast Kentico Certified Developer network allows other Kentico Certified Developers to share their knowledge and best practices, further improving successful deployments.
There is no substitute for experience – hiring a rookie developer for any kind of web engagement, let alone a highly robust content management system like Kentico CMS, can prove to be a crippling business decision through extruded timelines and costs as well as missed business opportunities.  Make sure you hire a firm with the skills, experience, and certifications necessary to get the job done right, on time, and on budget.

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