Four Methods to Creating A More Usable Website

Whatever the purpose of your website, usability is an aspect that cannot be ignored. No matter what your business, one of your primary concerns is attracting more visitors to your site. Usability has many facets; the load time, accessibility, layout and so on. Visitors should be able to view your website and find what they need without much trouble. Interacting with your brand through your website should be easy and fun and not a challenge. Based off of findings in our Discovery Process, Bitwise considers these four methods when creating a site.
Site Search
Search is an important tool for all websites. The search bar should be displayed prominently, preferably somewhere near the top of the page. We try not to keep it too close to any email sign-up buttons as this may be confusing for some visitors. Search bars provide an easy way for customers to search for what they are looking for, instead of browsing the entire site.
Active Navigation
Active navigation helps visitors figure where they are on the page or the website. Letting your visitor know which section of the site they are on or which category they are browsing makes it easier to browse your site.

Padding the Clickable Area for the Call To Action
We create call to actions (CTAs) on a webpage because we want your customers to click through to another page or download. The CTA itself, as well as the area surrounding it, will be easy to spot and easy to click. This is especially important when users may be browsing on mobile devices and tablets and use their fingers and not a mouse.

Blog & Social Media
A blog enables you to publish, edit, organize and categorize custom content that is geared toward your target audience. Blogs and social media are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website - and ultimately your business.

Our goal is to create websites that help you and your visitors become successful. We understand what your website needs to do for your business and who you customers are, so we develop and design websites keeping those goals in mind. We will work with you to keep your website fresh, relevant, and ahead of the competition.

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