(Quality) Content is King


If you’re in any sort of business that involves marketing, communication, or social networking- basically any business nowadays- you’ve probably he ard that content is king. Seth Godin, author of "What to Do When It’s Your Turn", says that content marketing is the only marketing left. Consumers have become unsusceptible to basic advertising, telemarketing, and communicating processes. In response, marketers have developed ways to improve their consumer outreach. While the content you create and use is important, quality content is what will put your practices above the rest.

To improve your consumer outreach, here are some things to keep in mind to take your content to the next level:

1.  Create the type of content your customers actually want to see! 
Taking the chance to create your own content gives you complete creative control. You know who your audience is, so use that to your advantage! By creating the content that is interesting to your customers, you can ensure that they will keep up with your postings. If you need help identifying what your clients want to see, consider consulting with us to identify your customer personas.

2.  Take advantage of the opportunity 
Valuable content will not only help you sell, but it also helps your target market find you. Taking the opportunity to create your own content will allow you to position yourself in a favorable place to attract new customers while keeping current customers interested.

3.  Be consistent 
Even if you create the right content, it’s important that it’s created consistently.  If you want to keep your visitors interested in what you are posting, there needs to be new content being posted. There is no “magic number” to how much content should be created. Whatever works for your process- while also maintaining communication with your clients- is the method for you.

Quality content is so important to business processes and client interaction. With unique and high-quality content, visitors stay interested in your postings, SEO is improved, and you look better to your customers. If you need help improving your content, we’re happy to help!

Bitwise Solutions was founded in 1991 to make clients successful in digital communication. With clients such as Citizens Energy Group and Indiana Farmers Insurance, their team provides highly-customized website and marketing solutions to help businesses and nonprofits reach their objectives.

1. What to Do When its Your Turn (and its Always Your Turn) by Seth Godin



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